Revision at Christmas

This year, my mocks are after Christmas. Great.

Instead of being able to relax during the lengthy Christmas break and indulge in copious amounts of chocolates and multiple viewings of Love Actually and Nativity, I shall be locked away in the dining room with my head down trying to memorise 209439480394 court cases for the Supreme Court unit of my Politics A Level. Whilst I can’t offer any method to get away with no revision this holiday season, I can give you a couple of tips that will hopefully lighten your load of work.

Plan, plan, plan…

Know exactly what topics are going to be in your mock exams so you don’t revise unnecessarily. Sounds simple, but every year people make the same stupid mistake. Once you know what knowledge needs to be in your head, I’d recommend making a “master checklist” that has every topic and sub-topic listed, so that once you’ve revised it you can simply tick it off your list.


Revision Timetable

Yes, the timetable has returned. In order to maximise the festivities this year, meticulously plan your time so you know when you can chill, when you are working (if you have a job like me, I’m guessing you have considerably more hours at this time of year) and when you are studying. Also allotting each time to a specific subject and setting goals of when you will have revised certain topics is essential. It will mean you won’t feel guilty about taking time off because you know you are on track.


Don’t overdo it

It is difficult to strike the balance of enjoying Christmas and getting effective revision done. As long as you plan you’ll be fine. Just don’t schedule in too much. If nothing else, make sure you have Christmas day off! Mocks aren’t the end of the world. It’s important to try your best (as this will lighten your revision load when it comes to the final exams), but at the end of the day, Christmas and family are way more important.


I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and remember, don’t work too hard!

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