How I Organise my College Work and Folders

Organising school work can be tedious – especially if you don’t have a good system that works for you. Hundreds of hole-punched A4 pieces of paper can easily get lost. Today, I’m going to tell you how I organise my folders and work so that I’m as organised and efficient as possible.

First things first I think it’s a given that you will need a folder for each of your subjects. Try and get lever arch folders (the big daddy folders) if you can so that you can fit maximum workload into one folder and don’t have to divide everything up. Another essential for me is plastic wallets and dividers – they help keep everything neat and clean and make it so much easier to locate a specific document when you need it. On top of this, a box file for each of your subject and a small ring binder (I’d recommend one with two arches as then you’ve got less chance of ripping your paper and you won’t have to buy a new hole punch!)

Now that you’ve got all of your equipment, here’s what I use each piece for:

Small ring binder:

I take a small ring binder (or what I call my day folder) with me to college, you guessed it, every day. I don’t take any other files with me because I think my rucksack would break under the weight! In my day folder I only put work in that I may need to refer to in my subjects in each days lessons – once I’ve finished a topic, or work becomes irrelevant, I file it away (more on this later). To save taking a hole-punch with me, I have a durable popper plastic wallet with hole-punches in the front of my folder so that I can put any un-hole-punched sheets that teachers give me away without them getting crumpled or damaged. Every night I hole-punch everything in this wallet and place it in the appropriate place. I only take with me my notes for lessons that I have that day – if I don’t have English that day, I don’t take my English notes. Equally, if I know I’ll be doing coursework with one English teacher and Child Language Acquisition with another, there’s no point in taking both sets of notes to both lessons – in other words, use common sense, be smart and lighten your bag! Of course, utilising dividers to separate subjects is a must in a day folder!


Lever arch folders:

Once I’ve completed a topic or unit of work, instead of having to put it in a pile ready to pop into my day folder, I file it away in a large lever arch folder. This means when it comes to revision all of my work and notes are in one, easy to find place. It’s helpful to divide each subject folder into sub-topics and then divide each sub-topic into work done in class and revision notes. It’s also essential to have past paper questions and your attempts in a separate section at the back of the folder and either the full or shortened version of your prospectus along with an exam breakdown at the front of your folder. I also include a popper wallet to place anything extra in at the front of my folder. Unlike in my day folder, I do place all work into plastic wallets just because it helps when I want to locate specific documents and all my revision notes look a little more presentable… Basically, I think it makes my work look a little more swish if you will.


Box Files:

Box Files are my last piece of organisation kit. I only use box files for old work that I’m unlikely to need to refer to again. For example, all of my AS revision, work and coursework for each of my subjects is placed into a box folder and shoved under my bed. I very rarely need to refer to the work in those files, but if I want to grab out an old revision mindmap to check some terminology, the information isn’t too far away. However, English Langauge is an A-Level (there’s no AS and A2) therefore, only my old coursework sits in that box folder and all my other notes (which I’ll need to revise for the end of this year) go into my big lever arch English folder… Having said that, I think I might have to buy a second leaver arch folder for English too!


So there you have it. That’s how I organise all of my folders, files and work. Hopefully, it was of some help to you and will give you some inspo to get your notes organised and prepped for when it’s time to start revision.


Do you use a similar system to me? Why or why not? How do you organise your files and work? Be sure to let me know by tweeting me or commenting below.


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