How to Organise your Week

Staying organised as a student is absolutely essential. Whether it’s knowing what homework you have to complete or just remembering what lessons you have that day, in many ways, organisation is the key to success.

In this post, I’m going to tell you how I organise my life every single week so that I know where I need to be and what I need to do in order to stay on top of life.

My organisation is split into 4 different documents every week.

  • My weekly overview
  • My monthly calendar
  • My family’s calendar
  • My to-do list




Starting with my weekly overview, I use a handy weekly planner that I picked up from Sainsbury’s (they have gorgeous stationary there btw). Each day of the week has a long lined column. In each day I write down what’s happening in detail – exactly what time my lessons are, any jobs I need to do at lunchtime, if I’m working that day, any clubs I have, when homework is due etc. This means every day before I go to college I can check it and be absolutely certain what I am doing that day. I also use highlighters to coordinate each type of event that happens in my life – English lessons are an orangey pink, Media lessons are orange and English lessons are dark green – all corresponding homework is therefore also highlighted in the corresponding subject colour. Work at my part-time job is highlighted in blue and my drama group (and related practising) is highlighted in light green. This makes it even easier to identify what I’m doing daily and weekly in a simple glance.




My monthly calendar is a free printout from “Shining Mom” – granted I’m not a mother, but the design was super pretty and I liked it so I printed it out – I have various other calendars, but this one, on simple A4 is my favourite – I hang it up using a copper coloured hanger from Primark (more on this later) – It has nice sized boxes that allow me to write more than one event per day if needed. In each daily box I write more important things that I need to remember like driving lessons, when school breaks up and starts, dentist and doctor appointments, any tests, open days, auditions and parties – I also choose to write down each date that I work and when I go to my drama group just in case there’s one week they are cancelled I need to remember not to turn up. I also try to coordinate events by colour coordinating with my BIC 4 colour grip ballpoint pen – green is part-time work, purple is college-related, pink is drama club, blue is other… I don’t always 100% stick to this but it’s fairly helpful. I mostly use my monthly calendar so I can write out my weekly plan, but also so I can see how I need to prioritise my work given the upcoming events over the next few weeks.


My families calendar is sorted out by my mum – she writes out the major events that are happening to each family member each month. If someone asks me if I can go to a party next month, that’s the calendar I check. It’s helpful for me to know where everyone is and what they’re doing but it’s also handy for me to accurately write out my monthly calendar with family events that are occurring. I definitely don’t use it as much as my own personal calendars but I do occasionally glance at it. The calendar itself is divided so each family member has their own column so it’s easy to see what my mum has planned for me (since she sometimes doesn’t like to alert me about family gatherings that are occurring). She also very helpfully creates a kind of weekly planner by writing up that weeks events onto a blackboard in our kitchen so it’s always simple and easy to spot what’s happening.



The last aspect of my weekly planning is my To-Do List. My friend got me a priorities list for my Birthday (she knows me well) and it’s divided into three priority sections: High priorities, medium priorities and low priorities – you get the gist… It allows me to get the most important things done first like immediate homework and essays that are due in and emails I need to send. This prevents me from procrastinating and doing the easy tasks I’d rather do first. It’s super helpful. I don’t necessarily have a new to-do list a week. Sometimes I’ll have more than one list a week and sometimes I’ll have only one in a week. It all depends on how much is happening. If something is really important, like revising for a test, I’ll write it on my to-do list and then try and implement it into my weekly planner so that I have specific time allocating to complete my most important tasks- I hope that makes sense!


So there you have it! That’s how I organise my week. Hopefully, you will have picked up a few tips that you can implement into your routine in order to make your life just a little bit more organised. I promise it will make all the difference!

How do you organise your week? Do you use a weekly or monthly planner? Do you keep constant to-do lists? Let me know by commenting below or tweeting me.


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