What To Do Before Results Day

The long wait between the end of exams and results day is slowly approaching.

I always get a great sense of relief straight after exams are over but, sometimes I can feel the post-exam-stress creeping up on me and I start fretting about my results and whether I should’ve mentioned Judith Butler’s theory in that one media exam… Here are my tips to cope in the run up to Results Day.

  • First things first, it’s super important to just forget about the exam you just sat the second it’s over. Don’t discuss your answers with friends (or know-it-alls… especially not know-it-alls). It will ultimately just make you think you’ve done everything wrong even though your answers were probably perfectly valid.


  • Another way to get over your worries is to realistically identify the worst thing that could happen. So what if you don’t get your target grade? You did the best that you could and you always have the chance to re-sit an exam.


  • Set your expectation low! I know this sounds a little depressing, but opening that envelope and discovering you did way better than you originally thought is a wonderful feeling.


  • My favourite thing to do is to keep myself busy. If you’ve just completed GCSEs, throw all of your thoughts into Prom and how to have the best time ever (another blog post on Prom tips is coming in the future!) However, if it’s A-Levels, don’t start panicking about Uni, UCAS and clearing. Organise events with your friends – maybe a day trip or little holiday, maybe a night out, maybe a spa day. I’d recommend downloading the app ‘Countdown+’; it’s a great way to keep track of all the exciting adventures you’ve got planned. If you’re counting down the days to an event other than Results Day, you’re likely to forget about all your worries surrounding results.


  • The day before results are out, make sure you organise your support network and know where you’re going to open your results etc. If you are confident enough to open the envelope in front of your friends, go you! If not, don’t be ashamed by opening them in a corner or in the car with your mum – having a parent or guardian around can be really helpful if you don’t get the results you wanted; They can be the calming figure you need to offer advice.


  • Try and find out what time your school is opening on results day. Going first thing isn’t always the best option- sometimes waiting until later in the day can mean you don’t have to wait in a long, tense line for your results. However, I’ll contradict myself by saying that if you are getting your A-Level results (not AS) then you should get your results early on in the day given the whole clearance process – I won’t pretend to know loads about this process though… I’m only a year 12 after all!

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